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oh look...Detroit...

selling out

*bites lip*

So, about a year ago, I bought a domain and installed WordPress on it and then I couldn't really get the damn thing to work and I was too busy to really figure it out, so it just sat there. Well, the other day, feeling motivated about not wanting to waste the registration costs and whatnot, I finally put my big girl pants on and emailed some tech support folks with what was, I'm sure, their 500th "dur, how dis wurk?" question of the day. A few simple clicks and I now have a functioning website.

Here's the thing. I'm planning on making that location my main blog from now on. I'm never going to delete this LJ, as it has most of my life over the past 5.5 years on it. And I don't think I'll ever get out of the habit of checking my friends page. I have too much emotionally invested in all of your lives to just stop, so I'm not going to.

I'm fully aware that I'm sort of leaving something behind here, the close sense of community and whatnot, and believe me when I say that I'm not taking this move lightly. As dorky as it is, I feel very sad about heading out on my own, especially because I know that it's very likely that a lot of you who regularly read this probably won't follow me there, and that's fine.

But I hope you will come visit me. I'm planning on setting up a feed that you can add to your friends list.

In the meantime, you can find me here. There's not much to see just yet, but give me time.

Love yinz.


I will definitely still read - but please please let me know when you have an RSS feed set up because I am hopeless about remembering to look at websites that aren't LJ and Google News.
I was going to say the same! I want to continue reading, but always forget to check other blogs that I have bookmarked, if they aren't LJ...!
You just wait until we bust out the full frontal nudity meme. You'll bust the door down wanting to get back to LJ...
well, the prospect of someday seeing a full frontal nudity meme is what has kept me at LJ this long.
You can cross post from Wordpress directly back to your LJ using this. It's the best of both worlds.
Good for you! Good luck, break a leg, and all that happy stuff! I'll put you on my "other blogs I read" list, which shows up on my friends page... until you get an LJ feed, that is :)

thanks! :-)
I just added you to my Bloglines, in the very exclusive "friends" folder. Which is the top-priority folder for when I have limited blog-reading time. :)
nice! thanks!
Hey! I made an LJ syndication. I don't want to lose track of you!
That also has an RSS link that people can put in RSS readers, if that's how they roll.
eff why eye i added yr new blog to the links atop my elljay. yay.
word em up
I am totally thrilled that you moved, I think it is good to have other venues to branch out into for writing, and dipping your toes in the water of the widespread blogosphere is quite a lovely thing.

That said....here is my space I am moving to, still quite unfinished, but it is sorta mine.


Its not selling out at all, bah!
thanks, mama!
Hey! Nice move. I like it!

Did you do this before we talked blogs today?
heh, yeah. I've been actively working on it for a week or so.
No. You're not allowed.
doh! drat.
go kelly go! kick the intarwebs in the balls!