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I like to jut


Hahaha omg I LOVE it.
it needs to be embroidered on a throw pillow
this made me irlol and wonder if maybe i oughtn't have been watching 30 rock this whole time. tracy morgan is so goddamn funny.
I haven't really watched it, just because I have trouble keeping to a network tv schedule, but tracy morgan alone would make it worthwhile
New personal mantra.
i really need to watch this show more often. it's fucking hilarious.
I've never really gotten into it. looks awesome though

Best advice ever.
I'm sayin'



Sara G.
hey are you going to the brillo box on 8/9 for some of the hippity hop?
you crazy kids with your televisions and your pop culture.
and our scooters
hey, am i imagining things, or did you once blog about having a bunch of bogus charges from intelius show up on one of yr credit cards?


nothing from intelius, but I did have a bunch of fraudulent charges show up on my bank card from various companies about a month ago. last week, I received a letter from a company called certegy which informed me that a rogue employee stole a bunch of information and sold it to a data broker who in turn sold it to some direct marketing people, but that they weren't aware of any identity theft. obviously, this isn't the case since both myself and a friend of mine have been dealing with fraudulent charges presumably stemming from this crime. certegy does check/card authorization services for many companies, so it's possible that you were one of their lucky victims as well.


that was me, by the way.

Re: dur

yeah, i assumed. :P when i looked at the intelius site it reminded me of yr post, but it seemed like it was awhile ago so i wasn't gonna go back and hunt for it. what a fucking headache shit like this is!