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I like to jut

Voice Post

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(no transcription available)


Wow! I understood almost none of that!

Then again, I am very, very familiar with the feeling. Colts, Orioles, Stallions, Ravens, D.C. United (yeah, got to give the D.C. team their props, even if I don't list the Redskins). If anything, I was less coherent when the U.S. beat Portugal in the World Cup...
word dc united wewt!
D.C. U-NI-TED! **pum-pum-pa-PUM-PUM!**
hahaha, we were so out of our minds ecstatic that we had a very tenuous grip on language at that point.
yep. Some times, all you can do is just go "whoooo" and spin like someone who can't breakdance in the street.
not to mention we were rocking some serious drunken pittsburghese which might throw some people. IRON CITY FOREVER!